Who We Are


The Beginning of it all

Mr. Asok, the founder and chairperson of Airtect, started the company in 1995 with just two technicians, one vehicle and a toolbox. With his vast technical knowledge gained from his experience as a chief engineer in a Kuwaiti company, Mr Asok could find a solution to all the technical difficulties that could arise. This gave the company and its employees, the strength and the confidence to work to its best. From doing maintenance works on small apartments through projects obtained through his contacts, Mr. Asok conducted a one-man show for many years, while the company gradually grew. Today, Airtects is a large organization with many employees and has grown immensely.

The Challenges

Airtects joined hands with other companies and made great strides through cooperation with them. Gradually overtime his client base grew and so did the resources. Though the company faced several sponsorship issues within Kuwait, growth came slowly and steadily as Airtect’s customer base and resources increased with the efforts of Mr. Asok. However, because of these issues, the company has seen name changes more than once in its lifetime. But what is in a name when the spirit of innovation and perseverance has continued without fail through the changes?

Success Story

Through the company contacts and the hard work put in by the members of the company, Airtect soon managed to gain the confidence of the ruling family of Kuwait and was appointed an accredited provider of services to the Sabah Family. The company also received several government contracts and handled several prestigious projects throughout the country including but not limited to Al Kout Mall (Fahaheel), Sheikh Palaces, Sheikh Chalets, Sheikh Bader Al Sabha Complex, Sabha Al Ahmed City, Khiran Waterfront Projects, and so on.

Enroute Vision

Airects is a major outsourcer of HVAC supply & installation projects for large companies in Kuwait. It is also planning to penetrate the MENA region, where the experience garnered through the various projects already executed would be extremely useful. A business analysis and market study conducted in 2015 has projected that the company will grow twice as fast in the future due to its constant innovation. The ability to capitalize on the ever-changing management and technological trends and turning it into advantages for its clients has ensured Airtects’ rapid growth in the near future.

Operations in


Kuwait is one of the hottest countries but also the fourth-richest country in terms of per capita income and has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world. This makes Kuwaiti Dinar the world's most highly valued currency.

The immense wealth of local citizens provides a lot of scope in infrastructure development. The recent efforts to implement FDI laws has been able to attract a large number of foreign companies to invest in the country.

We are thankful to the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al Sabah for his innovative initiatives to expand Kuwait further in different dimensions taking complete advantage of the unused spaces in the country.

United Arab Emirates

Airtect, one of Kuwait’s most reputed engineering services companies offers various services in Dubai and has been instrumental in its business success. The company is building a business portfolio in order to take advantage of the various opportunities that are available in Dubai through the initiative of its Government for diversifying the nation’s economy.

One of the world’s most dynamic markets, Dubai is an exciting place to do business since it is an international hub with many different companies from over the world setting up operations in the nation. The country continues to offer new opportunities for business leaders and visionaries for growth.

quote_icon  Chairman's Message

"We, as a company, believe in change and transformation, which helps us to adapt better to changing circumstances, and thus, to grow and prosper. In order to remain sustainable in the long run, we believe in the qualities of leadership and an open culture. With our dedicated workforce, we would be able to grasp all opportunities coming our way.

We thank each and every professional working with us, who have assisted in the growth of this company and in helping us to meet its goals over the years."

Mr. Asok Vamadevan


"Our mission is to make Airtects the most preferred HVAC supply and installation company by providing quality engineering services to clients around the globe.

We will start by establishing Airtects in Dubai & North Africa & be a part of the 2020 Expo. We believe that we can deliver services that are of stellar quality and cost- effective, whilst factoring in the eco-friendly option."


Our Vision is to make Airtects the most preferred option when it comes to any product or service offered by us. Moreover, our top notch quality and service offerings should set a benchmark in the industry.

We also aim to broaden our product and service offerings within the construction sector and related industries. In turn, facilitating us to enhance our large pool of technically sound professionals.


“The purpose for disagreement is not victory or defeat, it is progress”
~ Joseph Joubert

“Don’t Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument”
~ Desmond Tutu

Straight Talking

We encourage open debate where the best ideas win.

Customer Centric

We put our customers at the center of our focus and initiatives with the objective of providing them with unmatchable levels of services and products.


We actively share information and ideas, enthusiastically working to make those around us better.

Diversity & Respect

The diversity of our workforce is an asset and we treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of status, gender, education, ethnicity or religion.


We empower people to make decisions with a bias for action.


The rewards and career advancements of our people are based on their performance and capabilities, not on their wasta (influence).

Employee as Core Asset

We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource, and do whatever it takes for their continuous training, development and motivation.


At Airtects, we believe that there is always a scope for upgrade. We always try to innovate our products and services and provide customers with the best in the industry.