What We Do

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) In U.AE & Kuwait

Supply & Installation of HVAC units

Solar Air Conditioning system

Power your system with an assist from sun

Duel System

Electricity and Solar

Duct Insulation Retrofit

Re-insulate older duct system for maximum efficiency. Save energy and pay for itself

Energy Recovery Ventilation(ERV)

Fresh outside air without the humidity, pollen and other pollutants


Heat dries out; humidification promote good health

Ultraviolet Air Purification (Air scrubbers)

Purifies and remove 99.9 percent of all adors, bacteria and virus

Electronics Air Cleaner

Capture up to 95 percent of all airborne particles

Duct Cleaning

Removes a variety of contaminants that could affect your health

Programmable Thermostats

Comfort when you need it plus energy savings; with mobile and tablet apps integration

Repairing Services

We provide emergency call service for any sort of breakdowns and air conditioner repair


We fabricate HVAC settings, Duct products, Collars and Dampers

Planned Unit replacement

Smart planning means energy savings, a warranty and avoiding higher future costs

High Seer Unit & Payback Analysis

Install a newer, high-efficient unit and you could see a return on investment in just three to five years

Season Tune-ups & Inspections

Stay ahead of potential problems by keeping your system safe and efficient

Heating& Air-Conditioning System Analysis

Energy comparison between existing and new equipment

Electrical In Kuwait

Low Voltage Systems

Voltage in the range 50 – 1000 V AC or 120 – 1000 V DC

Electric Cabling

Cabling works of Industrial Residential, Commercial & IT Centers.

Installation of KWH meter Cabinets


Installation of Capacitor Banks

Final DB’s

Fire Fighting System In Kuwait

Fire Extinguishers

Installation of Water & Foam Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Alarm Systems

Installation of Visual and Audio Fire-Alert Appliances

Voice Evacuation Panels

Integrated Voice Evacuation & Messaging System.

Aspiration Type Smoke Detectors

Central Unit which draws air through a pipe-network to detect smoke.

Central Battery Systems

Emergency & Exit Lights.

Fire Pumps

Installation of Fire Pumps powered by electric, diesel or steam.

Fire Hydrant

Installation of upper & semi underground fire hydrant.

Sprinkler Systems

FM 200, Co2, Inert Gas, Form & Water Spray Systems.

Plumbing Works In Kuwait

Drainage Systems

Drainage or Sewerage Pipe-works

Installation of Booster & Transfer pump

Pressure Pumps & Digital Sensor giving on & off command to control-panel.

Maintenance of Floor & Traps

Fixing of Sanitary Wares

Installation of Water Tanks

Fixing Water-tanks, Normal, Hot & Cold Water Pipe-works.